ABV Valves Full family of Linear grilles and diffusers that can be used for a wide variety of architectural applications. Available in varieties for ceiling, side-wall or floor mounting.
ABV With Transitions A full offering of supply and return grilles, available with or without multi-shutter or opposed blade dampers for balancing purposes.
ABV With Grille Mount Box Ceiling diffusers that can be applied in either sheet rock (hard) ceiling applications or lay-in style (t-bar) applications. Variations include louver, cone or plaque style faces.

Key Features

The Solution


  • Traditional Balancing can’t respond to system changes
  • Too much ventilation = wasted energy
  • Too little ventilation = bad air quality


  • As heat rises in buildings during winter months the ventilation rates can more than double from “Stack Effect”
  • The excess air forces the fans to freewheel
  • Stale air from lower floors can contaminate upper floors
  • Result: Bad Air Quality & Wasted Energy


  • Use of the ABV creates an “auto balancing” system
  • An auto balanced system assures correct ventilation rates regardless of system changes
  • Autobalancing = less energy $ and better IAQ

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